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Theta Network: Awaiting the Launch of MainNet 3.0

The Theta Network is the first decentralized streaming network. Its creators want to increase the efficiency of content delivery by using blockchain technology. Its advisors include the co-founders of YouTube and Twitch.

Fantom gains momentum

Fantom is a platform for smart contracts in which transactions are asynchronously confirmed through the use of a directed acyclic graph (DAG). Each Lachesis node (aBFT Fantom consensus algorithm) stores a local DAG comprising event blocks that contain transactions.

Polkadot waiting for auctions

Polkadot is a blockchain platform in which blockchain networks (parachains) are built and combined into a single, unified network. The base network (relay chain), which contains no smart contracts, serves as a security guarantee given that its sole task is to provide security to parachains.

Analysis of top-100 coin behaviour during and after the market crash (part 2)

We examined the dynamics of top-100 cryptocurrencies throughout the correction period, which began with notable price declines on May 19, turning into full-scale correction between May 19-23, during which most coins hit a second low.

Analysis of top-100 coin behaviour during and after the market crash (part 1)

In today's article, analysts at ICB Fund search for coins that have best recovered their value following market contraction. The article also examines coin trajectories following the April 14-25 period, during which Bitcoin shed 27.57% of its value.

Purchasing at a discount: ALPHA - marginal farming

Alpha Finance Lab's primary product is the Alpha Homora protocol, a means of marginal profit farming. Leverages comprise funds investors allocate to the lending pool, and commission for their use depends on the amount of available money in the pool: the less money, the higher the margin price.

Purchasing at a discount: Synthetix, the primary driver of growth

Due to high commissions in the Ethereum network, trading in Synthetix instruments and staking SNX are no longer advisable. There are big hopes for integration with Optimism Ethereum (Layer 2 solution). Should it prove possible to avoid systemic risks inherent in the transition, the protocol will be able to sizably raise its product attractiveness.



Independent Capital Blockchain Fund started in 2018 in Singapore as a boutique investment management firm. Since that, we have constantly been evolving and enhancing our effectiveness through our product range.

In 2020 we shifted our focus to the new trend that can potentially disrupt all aspects of the multi-trillion-dollar financial service industry. The latest trend is called Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Now ICBF takes positions in the most liquid DeFi tokens and trades them, with asset growth being the model’s first objective and capital preservation being the second. This means that investment in ICBF can provide outstanding performance delivered with a more stable performance profile than investment in a DeFi index or a buy and hold strategy of several selected tokens.


ICBF: Classic Fund
in the new crypto market

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly gaining momentum. What started as an exotic hobby among a small circle of people has become an economic phenomenon with a market capitalization of hundreds of billions of dollars. The number of exchanges and services continues to grow daily, while governments have yet to create unified regulatory standards for the cryptocurrency market.

A profitability unsurpassable via traditional assets is driving more people to cryptocurrencies to turn a profit. But the first problem that potential investors inevitably face is a lack of services and a massive shortage of qualified personnel.

Many funds and asset management companies initially manage to stay afloat on the wave of positive trends, but sink as soon as the market takes a downward turn. To protect investments and still profit in a falling market, enthusiasm is not enough – high-level competencies are essential.

ICBF is an investment fund that invests in high-yield blockchain instruments. Our team of traders and analysts works under the leadership of professional managers, all of whom have many years of experience in the Russian and international stock markets and in the management of traditional investment products. ICBF’s extensive expertise in investing and managing assets is the fund’s major advantage on the cryptocurrency market.

The technologies and methods that we use have proven their effectiveness in the market of traditional investments. Drawing on the high standards and rules of the stock market, ICBF has created a clear and reliable service for investing in cryptoassets. We firmly believe that this service will help our clients grow their capital and make ICBF a market leader.

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