Theta Network: Awaiting the Launch of MainNet 3.0

Theta Network: Awaiting the Launch of MainNet 3.0

The Theta Network is the first decentralized streaming network. Its creators want to increase the efficiency of content delivery by using blockchain technology. Its advisors include the co-founders of YouTube and Twitch.

THETA is a governance token. All planned issuances totalling 1 million have been released. Among its corporate validators are project partners such as Google, Binance, Blockchain ventures, Gumi, Sony Europe and Samsung. The list of partners is steadily growing, with the CAA joining on May 27.

TFUEL is the platform's utility token, used for all operations involving the placement of and interaction with smart contracts. Currently, developers are actively testing new features (TFUEL staking, reward splits, Proof-of-Uptime etc.), which are set to become accessible following a large update of Mainnet 3.0 in 30 days.

THETA is trading 60% lower than its highs. Support lies in the $5,7-6,7 range. While its price holds above $3,2, we remain bullish. Our short-term target is around the $13,5 mark. Our long-term target is $52.

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