A merciless market makers’ counter attack in the end of this part of a glorious story

What a Tuesday to all of us! The attack of the largest money is far from the end since its beginning was in such a tricky bull trap yesterday. Normally the false break of a pivot diamond formation results in the most distant taken profits. The 2nd flag is developing at the moment, the length of it – 9900 dollars (from 52900 on top to 43K spin low last night). The 1st one proved out to be especially beautiful when it closed its starting leg @50500, just under the upper side of a rising wedge. Where would you take your profits now? Yes, certainly – this target area lies from 37K to 34K or a little lower where you may store up your energy before the most pleasant climbing of yours up to 100K in the 5th wave of Bill Wolfe’s bullish pattern.