ICB Fund is an investment firm with a myriad of goals and aspirations. It invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, blockchain companies and other promising innovations in both the real economy (government markets) and private nascent and emerging markets. Relying on our experience, the resources of our fund and basing our decisions on effective strategies allowing for various levels of risk, we manage both equity capital and the capital of third-party investors.

As equal members of a crypto-society who believe in the enormous potential of the cryptomarket and its global prospects, we are actively involved in the lives of many networks: we keep nodes, validate, supply liquidity, as well as launch and develop startups. We also study and generate unique analytics and provide media and technical support. By performing these actions, we cement our contribution to the evolution and acceptance of the cryptomarket and all its socially-significant derivatives.

Although we do not deny the importance and necessity of government centralization, we nevertheless recognize its drawbacks and believe that decentralized blockchain systems and other solutions must be implemented into social and government institutions. This would allow us not only to resolve certain problems inherent in social structures, but also restore freedom to individuals in many aspects of their lives.

Our fund supports the initiative to create and develop decentralized financial systems (DeFi). By maximally automating all processes and minimizing transaction costs through blockchain technology, individuals now have the opportunity to create mutually-beneficial financial products and eliminate unsafe and costly private and corporate intermediaries. Moreover, by maximizing one’s own profit and those of others, each individual in such networks can remain completely anonymous and only share data they wish to disclose. The DeFi segment of the cryptomarket, along with other decentralized solutions, is a significant technological and social phenomenon, and we intend to spearhead and develop this initiative. We consider financial independence and total anonymity among the most important inputs in the formation of the identity of each and every individual in today’s global society.

The fund’s offices are located in Moscow, Barcelona and Singapore. If you seek financing or wish to enter into a partnership with us, please fill out the contact form on our website and we will get back to you.